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Moving….. January 27, 2010

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No,  don’t worry… we’re not ALL moving…. I’ve just decided to move my blog. 

You can now follow my blog at:


See you there!!!!!!!


Reason for the Season December 23, 2009

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I have been wanting to sit down and blog for about a week now.  I am sure most everyone can understand, at this time of year, I have not been able to find a spare minute!  Well, I have found my “minute” and wanted to share some interesting things I have been thinking about in regards to this Christmas Season.  We have all heard the saying… “Jesus is the reason for the season”.  A few weeks ago at church our pastor really gave a new meaning to this statement and although there is a lot of truth to Jesus being the reason for the season, have you ever thought that WE are the reason for the season too?  Now before you think I’ve gone crazy and have gotten all caught up in thinking about what presents I better have under the tree this year, let me explain.  Christmas is about a lot of things… it is about remembering Mary’s willing heart, it’s about a very understanding Joseph, and about the birth of Jesus.  All of those things are extremely worthy of celebrating every year.  But another reason we have Christmas is because of sin.  God showed up because we were  (and  still are) jacked up, messed up, and screwed up! Matthew 1:21 says, “And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins”   God showed up to adopt us into HIS family. He did not need Christmas, we did!  It makes me really think of Christmas a little different this year.  Jesus is the reason for the season, but the reason he showed up was for me.  That is the best gift I will ever receive!!!


Growing, Growing, and more Growing December 7, 2009

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I know I have probably said this more than 100 times over the life of this blog, but our sweet Kinley is a baby NO MORE!  She turned 17 months a couple of weeks ago and is growing way too  fast.  Her personality seems to develop more everyday and is such a sweet, fun-loving little girl.  She loves to talk, dance, and has turned into quite the social butterfly. 

Some of her favorite things to do are play with her cousin Levi….

Pick flowers…

Walk the dogs…

and play with her toys…

She smiles constantly and it is a rare occasion for her to cry.  (Except when she sees a big fat man in a red suit with white hair and a white beard!) 

 Her vocabulary amazes me…  She will hear a word one or two times and will remember it and call things by the correct name.   She loves animals and babies and is very nurturing to other children.  We will be attempting potty training in the next week or so.  I have been told by many mothers who have gone before me that when they can tell you they have potty’d in their diaper it is time to get them started on the potty.  Kinley is doing both!!!!  I have to admit, I am not really ready for this, but I know she may be!  I will keep you all posted!

Just like everyone during the holiday season, things seem to be getting pretty busy. 

 We went on a stroll the Botanical Gardens to see the Galaxy of Lights….

We’ve watched the Auburn/Alabama game….

We decided to get a real Christmas tree this year.  We bundled up and went to a Christmas tree farm to pick out the best tree and had so much fun! 

 Kinley had a lot of fun helping put the ornaments on the tree. 

We’ve even had SNOW!!!

Christmas will be here before we know it.  I hope that we can all slow down during this very busy timeand remember what Christmas is truly about!


Fall Creek Falls November 11, 2009

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Last weekend we spent out time at the Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee.  We had so much fun hiking, relaxing, and sitting around the campfire!  Kinley loves being outdoors and had fun picking up sticks and rocks and collecting leaves!

Kinley was wore out from all of the riding!!

Her daddy kept telling her she looked like a Teletubby!!! 

I guess she kind of did!!!!!!!!!! HE hehehehehe




My man can build a MEAN campfire!


On the way home……….


Fun on the Farm (and no I don’t mean funny farm!!) October 29, 2009

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Last week we took Kinley to Tate Farms to find the perfect pumpkin.  We went with my sister and her family and our friend’s Pat and Alyson and their twins!  It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast.  Kinley was so excited and enjoyed swinging, playing with the pumpkins, going on a hayride and her most favorite part was playing in the corn!!!  We enjoyed pumpkin pie and the most delicious pumpkin slush!  I know, it didn’t really sound that great to me either, but it actually tasted more like apple cider and was really yummy.  Kinley wasn’t too thrilled with the petting zoo part, but she was a trooper and at least tried.  I had heard horror stories of Tate Farm being packed and really crowded but we picked the perfect time and it wasn’t that crowded.  We really had a great time!


I don’t recommend taking a stroller through a maze, but Richard AND Kinley were both up for the challenge!

Kinley with her cousins and friends Savanah and Payton.  I’m not sure why all the babies look frightened!!!

For some reason Kinley really wanted to lay down in the corn!  Hehehehhee


Why do they call it Blue-grass?? October 15, 2009

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We packed up the truck last weekend and headed out of town.  Richard’s family has a reunion in Maysville Kentucky just about every year and this was the first time Kinley and I were able to go.  It poured down rain the whole way there on Friday but the scenery was amazing even in the rain!  I could not get over the rolling hills, the green pastures, the barns full of tobacco, and all of the horse farms!  It was absolutely breath taking.  We had a good time and Kinley did so well on our 7 hour road trip. 



snuggling with Grandpa





barn full or tobacco

castle in Lexington

castle in Lexington


On our way home.  The only question I have left to ask is… why do they call Kentucky the Bluegrass State????


I’ve stuck with it! October 8, 2009

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Today is my one year blogging anniversary and I am so proud of myself for sticking with it!  Here’s a look back….

Kinley was almost 4 months old!

Just chilling

And here is Kinley at 15 months


I am planning on using this blog and making a baby book for Kinley-  has anyone ever done this before and if so, who did you use and was it easy?

I hope everyone has a great day!  We are getting ready to head to swim class and then coming home to start packing.  We are leaving tomorrow for a family reunion in KY.  Fun Fun!!!